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Esse Sportboats Announces The New Esse 750

Building on the success of the Esse 850, Josef Schuchter has introduced the superb Esse 750. The Esse 750 is a beautifully classic design capable of very high speeds while being competitively raced by a crew of 2. The "Esse Experience" is a rush of speed with the taut feel of absolute control and is founded on the four most important characteristics of a great racing machine: Stability, Power, Control and Quality.

The Esse 750 is a complete carbon fiber implementation, including hull, deck and spars.

The Esse 750 has a ballast to displacement ratio of 54% - the keel weight is 1,190 lbs and the total weight is 2,204 lbs. The Esse 750 is an exceptionally stable platform both on and off the wind.

The Esse 750 is easy to sail - it can be easily single-handed with all controls built into the cockpit within reach of the helmsman. The gennaker launches and retracts into a chute built into the hull and the jib is furled from the cockpit control console. The jib is self tacking and there are no winches required or mounted.

The Best Part:

The Esse 750 is faster overall than the Melges 24 and no radical hiking is required to make the boat go! When you race an Esse 750 with just two aboard you will get to the weather mark ahead of, or with, a Melges 24 and you will be first to the leeward pin.

For comparative VMG numbers click here

The Esse 750 is designed for the serious racer who wants to go faster than the other sportboats of this class and doesn't want to deal with recruiting crew. If your crew is one of your family members you no longer have to accept sailing a slow boat. Want to get a husband, wife, daughter or son hooked on sailing? This is the platform you've been waiting for.

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